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The Briarwood Action Network (BAN!) is a neighborhood civic group dedicated to improving
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The Briarwood Action Network is a Briarwood community organization committed to
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themselves on the full range of issues affecting Briarwood. We host informational
meetings on a variety of topics, we rally our neighbors together for beautification and
improvement of the community, we bring community needs to officials and representatives
and we bring officials and representatives to the community. We love Briarwood and work
tirelessly to build a stronger community.

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       On May 17, 2015, in the early morning hours of an otherwise typically
quiet Sunday morning, a shocking event occurred in our neighborhood.  
Lionel “Chinx” Pickens, an up and coming rapper who had performed the night
before in Brooklyn, was shot and killed in his car while passing through
Briarwood. The crime scene was right outside the Dunkin Donuts on Queens
Boulevard and 84th Drive. Antar Alziadi (a.k.a. “Yemen Cheese”), a
passenger in Mr. Picken’s car, was also shot and critically wounded. The
person (or persons) who committed this crime has not yet been caught.

       Mr. Pickens was laid to rest today. We extend our deepest condolences
to his family for their loss.  We also wish Mr. Alziadi good luck in his

       The May 17th shooting is disturbing on several levels.  First and
foremost, it is a terrible thing for two young men to be hit by a hail of bullets
while sitting in a car on their way home, and one dead because of it. Whatever
the motivation for this crime, we deplore and condemn it.

       It is also unsettling to Briarwood residents that this happened in our
peaceful, multiracial, multicultural neighborhood, where violent crime is
unusual and until now, drive-by shootings were unheard of and unimaginable.
It seems so strange that our low-profile neighborhood is now associated with
death in a bullet-riddled car.  Unfortunately, we in Briarwood have now learned
that no neighborhood is immune to senseless gun violence.
       That said, the fact that this crime happened on our streets seems to be
have been a matter of chance. Many residents saw the police work diligently
collecting evidence for many hours on the day that Mr. Pickens and Mr. Alziadi
were shot.  We have no doubt about the professionalism of the detectives,
officers and forensic technicians investigating this crime and their
determination to apprehend and bring to justice the person(s) who committed
it.  We believe that the great majority of the men and women of the NYPD are
on the job to protect and serve our community and others and we appreciate

       We wish for peace, safety and harmony in our neighborhood and
neighborhoods everywhere in our city.