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The Briarwood Action Network (BAN!) is a neighborhood civic group dedicated to improving
the quality of life in Briarwood, Queens.

The Briarwood Action Network is a Briarwood community organization committed to
providing a forum for the diverse members of the community to inform and express
themselves on the full range of issues affecting Briarwood. We host informational
meetings on a variety of topics, we rally our neighbors together for beautification and
improvement of the community, we bring community needs to officials and representatives
and we bring officials and representatives to the community. We love Briarwood and work
tirelessly to build a stronger community.

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Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers and guests who
joined Briarwood Action Network at Hoover- Manton Park and
Playground on Saturday, May 2nd for It’s My Park Day! It was a
fabulous event that would not have been possible without you!
Help the Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Click here to see Charity Navigator's list of charities providing aid to the victims of the
April 25, 2015, 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal. You can also find ratings and
descriptions for the charities listed as well as tips on giving responsibly.
Click here to see some pictures from the day on the
Briarwood Action Network Facebook Page.