Become a Member of The Briarwood Action Network!

The Briarwood Action Network, BAN, is interested in addressing the full range of
issues which affect life in Briarwood including safety, sanitation, education,
transportation, and so much more. We want to increase and encourage pride
and community spirit in all Briarwood residents.

To join the Briarwood Action Network, please print out the membership
application to the right.

Mail in your completed application along with your check made payable to
Briarwood Action Network to:

The Briarwood Action Network
P.O. Box 356068
Briarwood, NY 11435
Feel free to contact us at if you have any  
questions about membership.

Membership Type / Dues

$15.00 - Individual Membership - available to Briarwood residents age 18 or over

$25.00 - Household Membership - available to households in which there are two
persons eligible for individual membership

$12.00 - Individual Membership - discounted membership available to seniors or

$20.00 - Supporting Membership - “Supporting membership” is available to
individuals, businesses, schools,houses of worship, or other institutions that live or
operate outside of Briarwood. Supporting members are nonvoting members of the
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